Friday, April 23, 2010

I have been a HORRIBLE blogger lately...

and for that, I am sorry!!  I have been so completely busy that past few months, between my kiddos and my work, I hardly have time to sleep....let alone blog!  But, I have had quite a few people ask if I had given up on blogging, and that made me realize how badly I needed to update! are some photos from Easter!  I've got a bunch of photos from Keaton's birthday party and our trip to Disney to post as well, but I'll start with Easter and work backwards! 

For Easter, we had an Easter Tea Party at our house for the nieces and nephews - they had a tea party with tea cup cupcakes and bunny-shaped PB sandwiches and we decorated Easter eggs!!  

Below is Miss Ceili - she has been begging to have a Tea Party with her new tea set since Christmas, so she was excited to finally have one!!
Here is Tommy - our best friend's little boy, who happens to be Ceili's best friend as well!!!

Below is Miss Keira, showing off her beautiful jewelry!! 
And here is Nate (Tommy's brother), who happens to be one of Ceili's other best friends!!  Ceili is right between Tommy and Nate in age, so they always have a blast together!!
And sweet Kalen James, showing off his bunny ears!!!
Shae is such a good sport when it comes to all the things we do for the kiddos!!

I think Ty liked his bunny ears too!!

Carter was not too thrilled with his bunny ears though - we could only get him to put them on for a split second!

Keaton was not feeling the best, so this is about all we got!  He slept on Daddy throughout the entire Tea Party part....and woke up just in time to have a cookie before we decorated eggs!

Below, Ceili and Keira help each other decorate their Easter eggs!  These two crack me up - yesterday, I just said Keira's name and Ceili said "Mom, please don't talk about Keira."  I asked "Why not?"  She said "Because that will just make me miss her more!"  How sweet are they?!?!  We really wish they didn't live almost 4 hours away!!!  

And Carter LOVED decorating his eggs - I think he could have decorated them all day!!

Keaton loved decorating the eggs - no tongs needed for him though!!  He would just reach right in and grab his egg out of the bowls!  He is Mr. Independent these days and NEVER wants help....unless he has tried and tried and finally gives up!!

Here are Ceili and Keaton at Ceili's preschool Easter Egg was a little chilly out that day, but they still had a blast!!

After mass on Palm Sunday, we took the kiddos to Greenwood Mall to see the Easter Bunny...they were ALL three brave, as they held hands on their way up to see him...

...but that bravery only lasted until they got about 2 foot from him - Ceili walked right up and sat on his lap, but Keaton and Carter were not so sure!!
Carter wouldn't get close to him, and Keaton just stood there and their Mommy's stood there snapping pictures because it was just too funny!!

Keaton was just fine as we walked away though, smiling and waving to the Easter Bunny like they were best friends!!  As long as he got a sucker, he was happy!!!
OK....that's enough pictures for one post!!  I'll post our actual Easter DAY pictures later...on another post!  Hope this makes people happy...I promise to TRY to keep both of my blogs (this one and my photography one) more up-to-date!!  My photography blog is even more behind....I believe I'm about 4 months behind on that one...and I just keep getting further and further behind!!  Sorry folks...but I'll do better going forward!!  :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

TWO YEARS already???

I canNOT believe that our little guy is TWO years old today!!  It seems like just a few months ago, we brought home our 8 lb 3 oz blue-eyed, bald-headed baby boy....and now he is our almost 28 lb blue-eyed toddler boy with his big boy hair cut!!!

The little boy we thought would never walk is now running all over the place, climbing on anything he finds, dancing with his sister to the Alvin in the Chipmunks soundtrack, and even trying to learn to jump off furniture!  He is a boy of very few words, but he tells stories with just his big, beautiful, blue eyes!!  Keaton has totally captured my heart as his Mommy, but he also captures everyone's heart that he comes across....from people he sees on a daily basis to people he flirts with at the grocery!  He has got a huge, gorgeous smile that just melts your heart, which makes it almost impossible to tell him "No!"

Keaton is our shy guy - always hiding behind Mommy's leg or nuzzling his head into my neck when others are around.  He is a HUGE Mommy's boy, and I LOVE IT (most of the time!)!!  He is the biggest cuddler - is almost always content to just sit on my lap and cuddle...who in the world could turn that down?!

At two, Keaton only says a few words, which include "Mama", "Dada", "Nana", "Papaw", "dog", "more", "milk", "love", "ball", "down", "Tay" (which his how he says "Ceili") , "Tee" (which is how he says "Keaton", and "Tar" (which is how he says "Carter").  He knows all of his body party, as well animal sounds - cow, horse, cat, dog, chicken, elephant, monkey, bird, sheep, lion,  and even dinosaur!!

Keaton loves to read books, color, dance, play with his cars and dinosaurs!  He also LOVES trying shoes on that belong to others...he is constantly putting Ceili's shoes on throughout the day!  He absolutely loves to wear boots around, and loves it even more when they are Ceili's boots!!  He also loves to play dress up with his big sister (I think that is just part of having a big sister!) and loves to hold and feed her baby dolls!

This past year has gone by so fast, but Keaton has changed so much!  He almost doesn't even look like the same child from just a year ago!  This year, we decided to have a Fire truck birthday party for Keaton, and I can't wait!!  One of Keaton's favorite toys over the last year was his ride-on fire truck, which is the main reason why we chose a fire truck theme!  Below are just a few pictures of our little fireman - I will be posting more pictures of him AND  pictures from his birthday party soon!

Happy Birthday Keaton Charles!!  Mommy loves you to the moon and back!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And we're back!!!

We have been so busy the past few months and have had so many things going on that I have just not had the time to blog.....but I am committed to do better from now on!!!  I've had quite a few complaints about people checking the blog and seeing no hopefully this will make some people happy! We haven't gotten a whole lot of snow this year, but we did get enough to play outside for a bit in last week!  Ceili was so excited to walk outside and see snow on the ground - she immediately wanted to go outside and build a snowman!  I did talk her into going to school first....and had to convince her that a snowman was just not possible this time!  When Daddy got home, we all bundled up and went out to the backyard for some fun on the sled!!  I think Justin definitely got his work out that afternoon, pulling about 55 pounds of weight in their sled....but their smiles were soooooo worth any muscle-burning Daddy had to endure!!  Below are some pictures from the other day - there were so many of them sledding that I loved that I just couldn't pick - their expressions were priceless!!  I just love them!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We love the Fall!!!

Fall is almost over already and I have not posted any pictures of all of the fun we have had!!  Auntie Mamie, Uncle Matt and cousin Carter invited us over for a Fall dinner and party a few weeks ago!  The kids got to pick out pumpkins and decorate them...which was a huge hit!!  We had yummy chicken and dumplings for dinner and just had a fun time hanging out...below are a few pics of the three kiddos all dressed in their Halloween shirts for the party!!

The next day, we decided to go down to the pumpkin patch at Huber's...this is one of our favorite traditions every fall!  We love it down there, and the kiddos had a great time picking out their "perfect" pumpkins!  Glad Auntie Mamie, Uncle Matt and Carter could join us this year!!

Below are just a few pictures of the kiddos playing in the backyard...they LOVE playing in the leaves and swinging on the rope swing!!